Tuesday, March 23, 2010

everything would be alright

everything would be alright

Got an email form a very close childhood friend yesterday and said his dad got a heart attack
Thank God he and his sister are at home and they called the ambulance quickly enough to save his dad's life
And Thank God that his dad is alright now although he's still in the hospital
What my friend wrote to me though
was very heart breaking

my friend and i are the same age
what he wrote made me think a lot about myself
living so far away from home isn't easy
i love living by myself and everything so independent
but yeh it's scary
i don't want to think about it
i don't want to talk about it...

I've got a patient came in for a chest xray this morning
and I saw her images
her left lung was completely removed because of cancer
She's only 33
and she found out when she was work-traveling in Europe 5 years ago
she saw a Dr somewhere in Europe but the Dr missed it
and when she came back she has a massive lump on her right lung
so her whole lung has to be completely removed
she smoke one or two a day but that's all

all i can think of is she's only 33....

sometimes i thought we can do everything if we try hard enough
sometimes i thought we can do nothing with life even if we try hard


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