Saturday, March 27, 2010

fabric design

Haven't draw any fabric for such a long time
It just takes me forever to get new ideas
Especially there are so many good designers out there
And I am so afraid to show mine coz mine's always crap
But I quite like these two...


random drawing

random drawing


Amanda said...

Wow, Suki, beautiful! You do such a wonderful job with your fabrics. Don't say yours are crap, its not true, yours are fabulous! Did you get them printed with spoonflower?

Suki said...

Oh Thank you Amanda !!! Well actually I printed them by myself this time with my own inkjet computer and it turns out great! Maybe you should try too! If I really like it and need to print more for bigger project I probably would print at Spoonflower, but I am happy with my own printing at home if I only want to make a small purse and stuffs.

kristina said...

I just love your style!!you're really talented! I would love to have those prints in my home! Keep up the good work Suki! *hugs* /Stina (swedish friend) :)

Suki said...

Stina!! Stina!!! Stina!!! ((((big hugs))))

can't believe you came here!? Thanks for your kind comments! Can't wait to show you my new website and works later this week! I'm working on it now!

How's everything going?