Saturday, June 5, 2010

I wish I am in Melbourne

I am a big fan of Tony Wheeler's blog, (the founder of Lonely Planet) and this week, he blooged about the Melbourne Bike Share! It's such a great idea for this Bike Sharing thing! And only $2.50 YOU CAN HAVE THE BIKE FOR THE WHOLE DAY! How cool is that!!! But the only BIG problem though is "the compulsory helmet use law" ..... What the... yeh... I guess it's BYOH (helmet) if you want to rent a bike in Melbourne...

It's funny that I left Melbourne 6 years ago and now I wish I never left! Melbourne seems to me a warmer (people wise, not the weather) more artists friendly city compare to Sydney and now THEY HAVE BIKE EVERYWHERE! How great!! I have to admit I have a thing for bike so I am totally in love with Melbourne!

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